Babies K


Kittens J


Panenka Fantasia Andělská Theresa*CZ

máma : CH Cocaine Senissima Cat*Pl, Rag n 03

táta: IC Hawkey Magic Kiwi's of Eulalie, Rag a 03


CH S*Be bbles Doll Chocolate Shake

máma: Louisedolls Temptation, Rag b 0321

táta: Louisedolls Replay, Rag c 03



New Year


Merry Christmas

♥ Merry Christmas ♥


8 weeks old ♥


New litter CH 4,5 weeks


New photos 4.weeks CH

♥ More new photos in section Actual litter, in name kitten ♥


New litter CH - 3weeks old


New litter CH


Sweet Heriette


Heriette and Honey, girls seal bicolor

♥ We have two girls available ♥ for ethical and small breeding cattery ♥ more info email or FB :-)


New photos 7.weeks babies H

New photos kittens "H" in Actual litter :-) New 7.weeks old ♥


We have babies H ♥


Litter G 8.weeks, new photos in section Actual litter

heart Gigi and Ginger - available heart


New photos and info- 6. weeks old babies G

Gucci - reserved, Gigi and Ginger - 6. weeks, AVAILABLE :-)♥


New photos litter G , 4 weeks in section Kittens, actual litter


so sweet babies G ♥ video


Litter G 4.weeks video


New photos babies

♥ Babies G - 3. weeks ♥ more photos in section Kittens :-)



Video babies G, 2.weeks


New photos litter G , 2 weeks



Kittens "G"

♥ Gucci ♥

more about kittens - in section Kittens - Actual litter

♥ Ginger ♥



We have first kittens 2018 ♥

We are so happy! We have a new litter "G" from Shake and Fantasia !!! She gave birth to her first children and she's such a great mother! We are waiting for results of tests whether chocolate and lilac children will be ... ♥♥♥ more info soon :-)



Relax our girls ♥


New photos our offsprings 2017

Thank you so much for the beautiful photos my darlings ♥ I am so happy wink



Fantasia 1. year old ♥

Our Fantasia 1. year heart Happy Birthday heart


Falco, news from his home


Our Falco has super lovely pet home with Pavlína and familly heart wink


Teasure and Fantasia at the show 2017

Teasure and Fantasia at the International Cat Show FIFE, CZ, Pardubice. 

Teasure : 

2 x CAP, 2x NOM BIS and 2X BEST IN SHOW heart laugh 

Fantasia : 2 x EX 1, CAC heart wink

We are so happy for beautiful results :-)))))))



Eragon at the show Paris, 1.-2.4.2017

Our Eragon at the show Paris, 2x CACIB, BIV and SPECIAL PRIX !!!  heart  Big congratulations Muriel and Eric ! We are so happy and proud of him wink


Fantasia at the first show FIFE, CZ

Our little Fantasia at the International Cat Show FIFE - Czech republic, in Hradec Králové 2.4.2017.

Kitten 4.-7. months :

EX1, NOM BIS heart Judge C.F. Sandon, IT

Very happy and proud !!! wink



Eragon in show France 2/2017

  ♥ ♥ ♥ Our Eragon in the show Neuville-de-Poitou, France, 25-26.2.2017 :-) 


2x CAC, 2x BIV and 2x BIS !!!! 

 We are so happy and proud of him:-) 

   Thank you so much Muriel ! ♥



Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017 to all !!!


Litter F 13. weeks

♥ 13. weeks old kittens "F"  : from left - Fantasia, Faraon, Falco ♥ New photos in the album section Actual litter :-)

 Fotka uživatele Vlaďka Kramářová.


Litter F 9 weeks old ♥

Litter "F" - 9. weeks heart


Video litter F - 5,5 weeks ♥


New photos 5. weeks


FARAON, male, seal bicolor - AVAILABLE ♥ 



Video litter F - 3. weeks


Video litter F - 2.weeks old


We have kittens - litter "F"

We have kittens "F" heart

Mother is our CH Cocaine Senissima Cat Pl and father is IC Hawkey Magic Kiwi's of Eulalie, boy my friend Markéta Gambová from Merki CZ cattery.


14. weeks


Litter E - 12. weeks old, new photos and video :-)



new photos 10. weeks


New photos kittens - 8. weeks


Litter E - 6.weeks old ♥ new video and photos :-)


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